12th Bidding round– Public Civil Process MPF/Alagoas and Sergipe.


On March 17 , 2016, the federal judge of the first Federal Court of the Judicial Section in Sergipe determined by preliminary injunction in case # 080036679.2016.4.05.8500 that the ANP should publish the following text:


"The Federal Public Ministry of Alagoas and Sergipe filed Public Civil Process, distributed to the first Federal Court of the Judicial Section of Sergipe under No. 080036679.2016.4.05.8500, aimed at the suspension of the effects of the 12th Bidding Round conducted by ANP, only in relation to the exploitation of shale gas, known as "shale gas" fracking mode (hydraulic fracturing) in the Sergipe-Alagoas basin, because of potential risks to the environment, human health and regional economic activity, while there are conducting environmental impact studies and due publication of the SAEA Sedimentary areas environmental assessment. "(Translated version)


In this way, in strict compliance with the decision, fulfilled the legal obligation imposed on ANP.


General Information
Refunding of the Attendance Fees and Bid Warranty for the Eighth Round of Bidding

Procedures for classification of businesses in the Farm-in/Farm-out processes.

For the preparation of the future Licensing Rounds, the ANP shall receive suggestions about areas or blocks of interest.
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